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Research and Training

  • Establish research and technical skills development centres, equipped with technical personnel and resources including standard laboratories for scientific researches.
  • Carry on Research projects in water resource and environmental management
  • Undertake tailor-made training consultancies for clients.
  • Networking and sharing of research data and information.
  • Research in innovations and engineering best practices.
  • Design and train Water Scheme management on operation and maintenance
  • Feasibility studies including Environmental Impact Assessments, water resource catchment areas evaluations and other surveys like Knowledge, Attitude and Practice surveys and end of project Impact Assessments/ evaluations.

Water Resource Development and Management

  • Geophysical site investigation for borehole drilling, well drilling, well designing, bills of quantities, technical specifications aquifer hydraulic testing, platform casting, pump installation and technical supervision.
  • Borehole technical diagnosis, dropped pipes fishing, de-silting, disinfection, well productivity re-assessment, pump part replacement and platform reconstruction.
  • Water quality management system certification in line with the existing regulations and guidelines, which includes use of suitable water test kits.
  • Establish distribution chain for affordable water treatment equipments.
  • Designing and installation of rainwater harvesting systems.
  • Construction of Shallow Wells and spring catchment for water supply.
  • Designing or assessment of pipe water networks, quantification and construction.
  • Designing and construction of Gravity water schemes and piped water systems.
  • Development of Water Reservoirs for domestic and livestock/ agriculture.
  • Development and management of Small irrigation schemes.
  • Provide designing and water plumbing services.

Sanitation and Waste Management

  • Designing and construction of on-site sanitation facilities.
  • Design and construction of septic tanks and sewerage system.
  • Solid and liquid waste management.
  • Drainage designing and construction.
  • Designing, development and management wastewater treatment plants.
  • Environmental assessment at landfills and pollution areas.
  • Designing and installation of bio-digesters.
  • Design and promotion of affordable sanitation products
  • Promote waste recycling

Construction Project Management

  • Supply of quality construction materials for projects on behalf of our clients.
  • Architectural drawings, technical specifications, prepare bills and schedules, labour and services required in the construction and equipment or engineering works, the preparation and valuation of progress.
  • Contractor for buildings, road construction and maintenance services,
  • Deal in concrete, steel, aluminum, ceramic, plastic, clay and wooden products.
  • Design and construction of industrial plants like fuel ethanol and mining plants.

Surveying and Mapping

  • Land surveying and physical planning
  • GIS data capture and processing
  • Database designing and management.
  • Geological surveys and mapping
  • Geotechnical and structural assessment in road and construction projects

Mineral Exploration

  • Mineral field assessment, quantification and evaluation technologies,
  • Geochemical sampling surveys and mineral zoning.
  • Designing of mines and evaluation of health and safety conditions in the mines.
  • Establishment and management of specialized laboratory for mineral analysis.
  • Core drilling for research and exploration purpose.

All-round Electrical works and Renewable Energy Technologies

Consulting-Engineering-Service: (Consulting, Concept/Detailed Engineering, Dimensioning, Construction, Installation, Upgrade and Renovation including Supplies in the following fields):

  • Advanced Energy Installation/Electromechanical installation.
  • Power-House and Station, Sub-stations and switch yard.
  • Transmission/Distribution lines.
  • All-round management of Clean and Heavy Oil Fuel Power Generators.
  • Solar Photovoltaic Power generation plants and Standalone/Hybrid Solutions.
  • Solar Thermal for Hot-water heating.
  • Electrical products/Materials.
  • Promotion of environmental friendly alternative energy sources/ technologies

Light and Heavy Equipment

  • Support in delivery of humanitarian materials as part of emergency response.
  • Sell or rental of basic and specialized engineering equipments
  • Supply of drilling machine parts, hand pumps and borehole equipment servicing
  • Supply of Water products like pumps, Water treatment equipments and accessories
  • Water quality testing kits, accessories and consumables


  • Metal fabrication, welding and craft engineering works,
  • Water well construction machinery
  • Water and Sanitation products
  • Furniture and other household accessories
  • 20+